What a difference a day makes…

6 am: Nicola keeps asking me if I want to sleep some more; I ask why; this picture is taken.







9 am: I am sligtly more awake, posing nicely!

11 am: sitting in the shade, nice and relaxed

3.15 pm: after 5 hours of total bliss

I might be leaving the island slightly high because THEN

3.16 pm: this happens. The cruise had a fotographer taking pictures of all of us. The MANY nice Japanese and Chinese tourists obliged and did their turist pose. I didn’t. What was fun at the time…. they showed the pictures on 1 sillion screens on rotation every 5 minutes all over the cruise. By the time we reached Cairns 1 hour 15 min later I was talked about. This probably also had something to do with the husband and I shouting “… here she comes, here she comes, HELLO FATTY!” every time the picture appeared.

I’m not expecting locals discount next time we show up…


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