Tropical Menopause

I have NEVER had any problems with weather. What-so-ever. None. Ever. Nada. Those days are over. It has been 34+ in Cairns for the past month and I am ready to lay down and die.

What I failed to say yesterday was that I WOKE UP with heat-stroke. I didn’t even have to go outside! So while I did enjoyed our yam-cha, I can’t say I enjoyed the rest of the day. We drove to Port Douglas – and yes it was a gorgeous drive – but I was dizzy and wanted to vomit. I tried to hide it from the husband but he caught on pretty quick. ‘I just need a drink and some shade’ I said.

I look at the picture and I remember thinking: I do NOT want to vomit lemonade. I also remember seeing just one clip from a movie they were showing at the bar, a man collapsing in the snow, about to die from the cold and I thought “Oh to lie down in snow…”. The Port Douglas markets made it worse with stinky incense and ‘do you want a massage?’ A MASSAGE? You want to touch my body NOW? We left in less than 5 minutes.

Driving home the husband was really nice, only remarked once on how white my face was. MUCH better than the other day where he said: “maybe you are menopausing’ WHAT? He was so lucky I was still under severe influence of the happy-hippie-project side-effects. I just calmly said “you don’t ask that question” – end of that discussion. I can’t be in menopause – come on! I’m not even 40 – not until September anyway.

But it got me thinking: how do you know when you are going into menopause in the Tropics?

At the doctor: well, I feel hot all the time… yes… my feet swell…. yes… I can’t sleep properly… no, OK… I have trouble concentrating… yes… You can just hear the doctor thinking: IT IS FUCKING HOT – THIS IS THE TROPICS – GET OVER IT!

The good deeds from yesterday amounts to suggesting we eat yam-cha, the creative me looked at a thing I crocheted the other day and thought ‘fuck, there is something wrong with that’ and then we watched a movie. I leave you with a picture of what I WISH I had accomplished…

it says: be my guest, have a rest! For every tired husband 😉


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