Side effects

I’m having a problem with the “do one good thing a day” happiness project; it is becoming a major hippie-hallelujah-we are the world-save the children disturbance.

Nowhere in the project is it written that you are excluded from thinking evil thoughts or being nasty the rest of the day, but it is somehow implied….. no?

Yesterday I received this email: “Hello Signe, I am Xxxxx Xxxxxx from Cairns Finance section of James Cook University and would like to process your claim for reimbursement of $117.00 for travel undertaken in October. Unfortunately your bank account details are not registered with JCU. Please complete the attached form and send back to me a.s.a.p in order for me to process your payment.”

In general terms I’m pondering what a.s.a.p means to someone who responds in January to a reimbursement claim from October. But other than that, had it been a normal everyday Friday I would have let this retard know (in a nice, polite but direct way) that I receive a scholarship from JCU AND was paid for a research project I completed in November. Hence my bank account details are somewhere to be found, but since she is a lazy, stupid cow here they are – similar to what I did with the other finance lady from James Cook University, who wanted to see the visa, which guarantees my work permit – that is the student visa, which the nice people at James Cook University gave me. Retard.

The hallelujah hippie can no longer do that. The fucking bastard angel on my right shoulder is going “no no no no, be nice to her, she is slow, but at least your taxes are not paying her welfare cheque – and you want your $117”. I’m going to have to figure this one out soon, because the immediate consequence is that I have not responded to the email and have struggled with my ugly mind for 24 hours. The old me would have dealt with it in 5 min flat and gotten on to better things.

This has led me to the realisation that I probably also have to eliminate useful terms such as fuck-head, lowlife and bitch in 2012; the f and c words transformed to freaking and crikey. I’m not sure I signed up for that. This New Year’s resolution is proving to have severe side effects, much more severe than first predicted.

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