Positive vibes

Today has been a challenging day for the hippie-happiness project.

Even though I reviewed all the laundry and ironed for 15 million hours yesterday, I only finished half. At 5 am I woke for the millionth time because of a snoring husband; decided that moving to the sofa was better than crying (good thing we have a sofa-bed-sofa) and woke at 1o am with a superb view of the laundry yet again. Then we received a letter from the real estate agent that they will inspect the premises on 13 January – this never seizes to piss me off; I fail to understand this Australian practice (another blog, another day) and then, well then my faithful husband looked at his sour, smelly, greasy-haired wife and said “I think I will go out for a bit”. Thanks!

Ironing took more than just Bobsy Marley’s complete Greatest Hits (twice), it also took The Very Best of Peter Tosh, Buena Vista Social Club, Cabo Verde by Césaria Évora (expanded version), half of Amor Tobin (not that great for ironing) and BOTH albums by The Heavy. I did one little dance to Short Change Hero which started me thinking about the hippie-chippie-project.

After much thought, I settled on this for a generous act of today: even though my husband snored the shit out of last night, even though he left me alone to the glory of housework, I decided to mend all the items in the “need to fix this” basket that belong to him!

And am I glad I thought that up, because not only did he come home with groceries, he came home with sushi for his wife. Right this second you could convince me that “send out positive vibes man and they come back for you” but I might have listened to “Legalize it” by Peter Tosh once too many.

It doesn’t change the fact that we kissed ‘love yas’ before he trailed off to work and I suddenly went from this:

 To this:


Woop woopti doo. Now I can bring out the good old Phaff 213 – and I’m not just being retoric; look the colour and where it is made.



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