News from Greenland

Did you know that Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat) has the highest percentage of internet users in the world? 92% of the population uses or know how to use the internet. Impressive and good news all around. They are also really savvy when it comes to engaging with electronic media, which holds them in high esteem in my world; not only because they are smart, but because it makes my daily read of News from Greenland so much more entertaining. Greenlanders comment on everything!!

Like today, when Sermitsiaq brought this lovely picture from Christiansborg (Danish parliament) where it was celebrated that our queen has been queen for 40 years.

Why read this? Because the commentators never fail me! Inuk Human Tittussen wrote: “Ha ha Ellen Chemnitz (lady in the middle), you have a finger in your ear!”

Hurray for Inuk Human Tittussen!


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