Loving repairs

Just to make sure everyone knows I’m not just saying that I was good yesterday, I thought to produce proof. In saying that, I realise that when documenting repairs, a before and after shot is clever. Next time. These green shorts are my husbands favorite. He came home one day with a 15 cm rip in the crotch and when asked how he did it, I got the lamest ‘piss-off’ teenage answer: “I dunno”. At least that is my defence when asked why they spent 3 months in the ‘fix-me’ basket.

While ripped, the shorts instigated a smaller warfare in our household, as I felt the need to make some sort of statement by not repairing them. At this moment I’m not entirely sure what I was trying to say; I hope that means I got over it. With the 2012 resolution to do good things, it should not happen again (ppfffttthhh). As the husband really, REALLY wanted to wear them again, they have magically appeared in the weirdest places, just to draw my attention. They have been displayed as a neat little carpet on the bedroom floor (when I tried to wipe my feet in them he peeped “they are clean” with a miserable look on his face), one day they dressed my archery case and (most provoking) were found on top of the sewing machine.

Needless to say, today he is wearing them and thinks I’m a star (this image was further improved by creation of lunch, my good deed of today).

I also fixed a t-shirt and some other minor stuff and while I was at it, I (of course) also took the opportunity to make myself happy.

I have a pair of pants which, hold your horses, have become TOO BIG! As they are of own production, I didn’t feel any anxiety in trying to improve them and while I could have unpicked everything and made them smaller, I tried a new idea: belt-straps. I documented this voyage a little better (next time I will avoid/cover the greasy stains on the tablecloth when taking pictures):

I cut a strip of linen, approximately 4 cm wide, stitched it together on senor Phaff and turned it with this marvellous hookie thing that my friend Brigitte convinced me is a must-have when you sew. She was right. It is one of the cheapest pleasures – “you need to make a strap, well lookie lookie what I have here – a gadget!”

Once turned, I cut the strap in satisfactory sizes and stitched them on.Voila!


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