Laundry Love

Well, after a day of cinnamon happiness at work, I have returned home to this:

The positive thing to say about it is that we did do laundry in the past months… we just didn’t do so much more about it.

I hate laundry so I am trying hard for love here! I have found a small grain of humbleness which told me that I should be grateful for having so much wealth that I can create this amount of laundry. That made me puke so I have tried harder and put into force 6 things that I absolutely DO love, which WILL assist, if not cure.


First and foremost is the tea cosy – the design is totally planked from a tea cosy my mother bought in a second hand shop in Sweden and then modified to fit my teapot. I LOVE tea cosies and have no idea why Australians don’t use them. They bring love to any home, I promise. There! I have blogged about one of my own creations!

The second is the teapot. It is also from Sweden, from Höganäs Keramik. I had left it back home when I went on my world journey, but out of LOVE (and to shut me up) my sister-in-love cleaned it up so nicely and my mother shipped it to Australia so I can love it here. It arrived 3 months ago after 9 years of absence from my life.

The third thing is Monk Pear tea from T2 tea, a company that heals broken souls.

The fourth thing is a new love, in fact I’m still in the initial phase of falling in love: the cup! Sent by my mother for Christmas, made by my amazing friend Tina, it carries love like no other thing I own.

The fifth thing needed for embarking on Laundry Love is Bob Marley (One Love ooohh oooh oooh) on the stereo.

The sixth is a new found Cairns love, which I’m still getting used to: air condition.

She is a deceptive misstress; she costs a bucketload of money, but I’m starting to understand that she may be worth it. She is the first one I have ever known as we are cool enough where I come from. She is essential for laundry love.

And now I will get started…

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