Green Island

If you come to visit, I will take you to Green Island. That is a promise!

Notice the water temperature

Nicola chillin in the shade

Nicola getting ready for some exploring

The view looking one way

The view from underneath the tree

The view looking the other way…

We DID bring a gadget which was supposed to let us take pictures under water. It didn’t work. I took a few pictures from the pier, to show some of the fish we saw under water, but it in no way does justice to the magical world in the ocean.

Mr Shark (bronze whaler)

While in the water, I saw something I have never even heard of (sorry for not paying attention Mr Attenborough): the showelnosed shark! Let’s just say I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen anything like it. We saw one, which I declare to be 3 meters long (fishermans gene) another a little smaller. There were many, many turtles, stingrays and other amazing animals… the pictures of the showelnosed shark and the turtle are from the Green Island website!


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