I have started to crotchet…. I can’t say that it has been well received in my surroundings. My husband is nothing less than embarrassed when I pull out the little bag with yarn and hook. Conversation with family members overseas have gone something like this: “and how is Signe?”, “she is good, she has started to crochet”, ” Oh”.

I am reminded daily of all the people who had a Nana who did crochet, mostly stories of ugly things in ugly colours and/or for useless purposes (such as covering toilet paper rolls). Crochet has a ring of old and ugly to it. And I have to say friends, that it is partly true.

There are so many websites with free recipes, it’s not funny. Thank you for that. But! and here comes a serious but, most of it is SO ugly. Just because you can crotchet something it does not mean that people would like to wear it. Seriously, have a look at the things that people encourage you to make! I wouldn’t be seen dead in most of it.

The reason I began to crochet is that I like to knit, but now that I live in Cairns, the humidity makes the needles so sticky that it is an impossible job. In fact, I haven’t really knitted since I moved to Queensland, so I was in general yarn withdrawal. But I have to say that knitters seem to have generally better taste than crocheters… with knitters you have a 50/50 chance of finding something nice. With crocheters it is down to 95/5. Not only are the things ugly. Crochet is for knitters who are colour-blind.

I think there are two main groups of people who crochet: one group is the very, very old people who can’t see what they are doing and don’t really care. The other gets carried away and do it because they can.

And then there is the small exclusive group of exceptionally funky women and men who have taste, style and power. That is the group I would like to join. One such person is Pip on Another is Ana Paula on I am also enthralled by the people who yarn bomb and would encourage anyone to go to this website for inspiration have completely and utterly fallen in love with crochet; I will be posting things shortly…


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