Are you being good now?

I got up a little early… had a few chats on facebook with friends, yay, and opted to wake the husband at 11 am. I presented him with the following options: should we go the city and eat yam-cha or should we drive to Port Douglas and go for walks on the many beaches on the way.

That was when he revolutionised the morning (not even half awake): why don’t we have yam-cha in the city and then drive to Port Douglas afterwards?

Shit me, that is what we are doing! I lay there in the bed for a couple of minutes and thought about how amazing he is, turned my head and said ‘do you know how much I love you?’ to which he responded ‘are you being good now?’ WTF? It took a second to figure out where that came from.

By the time I made it out of the shower, he had found this for me on youtube… since I now have the mega monster sofa bed, I can comfortably achieve this in his opinion… hmmm


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